Welcome to Ancient Egypt

Come back in time with us and explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt and the fun attractions and activities for adult and kids. We will show you the most amazing attractions and you will eat, sleep, and travel all around Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Geography

The Nile River is the largest River in the world, it is 4,100 miles long. Egypt was split into two religions, upper Egypt and lower Egypt.

Every where you go you will travel on camels. You will stay in Hatshepsut Hotel where you will spend the night and have free breakfast every morning. at night you can eat at Ramses Restroaunt. You should pack shorts and a t-shirt. Also a camara to take pictures.

You can find some pretty fun and interesting activities to do in Ancient Egypt. These activities will be for adults and kids.

Have your family climb a exact scale of the pyramid and make you way to the top where we will take you and you're family's picture.
Have you kids participate in the Wrap a Mummy Challenge, where your kids will wrap a member of the team completely, the fist to finish wins!
Now for adults you can go into our museum and see the wonders of the pharaohs.
Have your kid make up their own fake god and draw what their god looks like.

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