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                 Gabrielle Christina Douglas
                     (The Flying Squirrel)

When Gabby was 14 she moved from Virgina Beach to Wes Des Moines, Iowa to train with Liang Chow. At the time her family couldn't afford to change residence, so she left to live with a host family who schooled her before and after her training with Chow. " It was very hard being away from my family." (Douglas)(Niel Milbert)

Around the age or two Gabby and her three siblings lived in a mini van with her parents and her three siblings. Her mom was sick of living in a van so she reached out to her mother May Douglas for a place to stay. Timmothy Douglas (Gabbys father) didn't want to stay with her so he dropped them off and her left and never returned. (Neil Milbert)


It all started with a cartwheel her older sister Arielle Douglas tough her. Soon after that she became more interested in more difficult moves. Arielle Douglas is a former gymnast and competitive cheer leader. After convincing her mother Gabby joined a local gym in Virginia Beach. Gabby wanted to be just like her sister.(Wattpad)

Wanted Outcome

When Gabby first started gymnastics she to make the world and USA Olympic team. Throughout her career many people doubted her she wanted to prove to everyone she could do it not matter what your situation is.The most important outcome is to show her mother everything she did was worth it.


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