Weapons of the Civil War  by Chris Gardella

The Gatling gun

This gun had six barrels and could fire 350 rounds a minute. Very few were used in the war. They were used during the Petersburg campaign. There were other big guns but i thought this one was cool.


This was a hand grenade used by the union. This  grenade was thrown like a dart and on impact would explode. They came in three sizes, 1 pound, 3 pounds or 5 pounds. These didn't always work because the confederates caught on and used blankets to catch the grenades so they dint explode and then threw them back.

Land mines were used during the civil war as well. They were a confederate used weapon. They were buried in the ground and when stepped on exploded. some that weren't blown up were found still active in the 1960's. If the union had any confederate prisoners they made them march in front of the line so in case of a mine they were the ones to detonate them.

The steam gun was another rarely used weapon. It was powered by steam and could fire 200 rounds a minute. It was never really used in the war and was eventually scraped. It was invented by 2 inventors in Ohio named William Joslin and Charles Dickinson.

The rifle was a commonly used weapon. It was used on both sides. It was a simple one shot gun.

The colt revolver was a commonly used pistol during the civil war. It was used for close combat or when you ran out of rifle ammo.

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