Digital Access

How to Digital Parent Guide!!

Digital Access
The access of who and who doesn't have an opportunity to have access to the internet, that is digital Divide. This is because USA and other countries don't have the same rights with technology. When we all don't have technology, it is difficult to join as a society and keep connection with one another.

Digital Literacy- process of teaching, learning how to use technology! Using the internet isn't really difficult, you just need the right knowledge and good background of information of the internet. Schools teaching how to use the internet is good for children because shows them what is a dependable website and not dependable website, and teaching them new skills of to know the different parts of the computer and the appropriate way of using the computer.

Digital Commerce- the understanding and precaution of the online shipping websites. Looking at the writing reviews of a product before buying it. Do Not buy into the pop up ads, they are probably giving viruses.

Digital Security- having virus protection, data backup and control of our equipment. By having your Facebook or other account on private or closed out right way to avoid identity stolen by an unknown person. also having a strong password that is hard to crack, having more then eight characters number and expression in the password, something that your friends or close relatives wouldn't know. Never put your credit card numbers online something that has to do with getting into your bank account.

Digital Law- the does and don'ts of stealing another person work that is not rightly yours, that is a crime called infringement. the person Copyright use (protected work and the original) meaning that the persons work can't be stolen or reproduced by anyone else. The only way that the work can be legally used is in a fair used purpose, for example school purpose: like, research, classwork, leaving a comment or newspapers. you can only do that if you want to leave the owner of the work better example for other people to use for the right purpose.

Digital Health and Wellness- the physical and psychological well being of the user. Eye Safety, the proper body position, internet addiction, depression. But the good about the internet is that it helps people with disabilities like autism, helps them with wording words that for them are hard to pronounce, and with pictures that in real life they can relate to. The proper body position meaning sitting up straight and don't have head down on the keyboard to much, eye safety like don't be in a dark room and the screen on bright, that will make you go blind. Anxiety and depression same as using the internet to not feel depressed, using the internet only for a short period of time, so you are not wasting your life on he internet. Slouching in the chair can cause back pain and sitting on your leg causing stiffness on the leg or cramps.

Digital Communications- Online vs face to face conversations. whats the difference between texting or face-booking them all time more then away from the computer face to face communications. the texting a person more then face to face can make relationship weak in reality, meaning that you depend on the electronics to save your relationship then of having face to face heart to heart real conversations. The Dunbar Theory of how many friends can you handle online, the limit of friends is 150, the number indicates the number of people you are close with then of people you randomly add to feel wanting to talk to with. the number indicates the people you can remember and their stories and names then of nicknames they have. All of this is nice, but is better to have face to face conversations then online.

Digital Etiquette- the way you show yourself online and the way you use words to others and your attitude online, meaning are you a happy person and just write about how happy you are all the time, that shows people that you are a positive peaceful calm person, then of people that are upset at people they know or don't know, that shows that you are the opposite. The proper behavior in communicating towards family and friends online, the good grammar and not putting inappropriate pictures online. The consequences of not behaving online. Meaning Rude comments to people,

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