Best Buy

since 1966

Best Buy sells consumer electronics and other small and large house hold appliances. Best Buy is the Largest consumer electronics outlet in the US

Best Buy's target market is anyone who  is into electronics or needs something from that category.

Best Buy was originally called Sound of Music and was started in 1966. The founders of Sound of music are Richard M. Schulze and business partner. Schulze and his partner opened the first store in Saint Paul. Eventually Sound of music was renamed as "Best Buy"

There are Best Buys in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and China. Best Buy has about 140,000 employees world wide. Best Buy's Head Quarters are in Richfield, Minnesota. The Geek Squad is another part of the company that many people recognize when they think of Best Buy.

Best Buy's effect on Minnesota is that they pay taxes in Minnesota and the taxes go to the Government who pay for new roads and schools and things like that.

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