Manufactured Fibers

What are they?

Manufactured fibers are fibers that are synthetic, or man-made. Manufactured fibers are made by combining chemicals and substances together to form these fibers. It is really quite interesting: when solid chemicals and raw materials are melted together, they form a thick liquid. Then the liquid is pushed through a spinnerette to form filaments that can be stretched, crimped, hardened, or cut into different lengths.


This manufactured fiber is made from petroleum or coal. It is strong, but is usually made with and blended with other fibers. Polyester is very easy to care for, and it is not easily wrinkled. It is easily washed and does not shrink or stretch. However, it does pill very easily and static builds up in it.


Nylon was the very first fabric to be manufactured chemically completely, and be successful. It is a lot like elastic, and is very strong and durable. It is easy to wash, does not wrinkle, and dries very fast. Although, nylon is clingy and will hold on to you, and is sensitive to heat.


This type of manufactured fabric is very similar to wool. It is very warm and soft, and lightweight even though it feels bulky. It dries very quickly, very strong and durable, and resists wrinkles easily. The downfall of acrylic is the fact it pills easily and builds up static.


Rayon is a very soft fabric that is really absorbent and very comfortable. This fabric is not expensive so anyone can have the pleasure of wearing it. It is not the greatest fabric, though, because it will stretch and can wrinkle easily. Also it can grow mildew, and when it is wet it is very weak.


This manufactured fabric resembles silk, and is very smooth and luxurious. This fabric is not expensive and you can dye it very easily. Acetate is very versatile and soft to the touch. Like silk, this fabric wrinkles easily and the best way to wash it is to dry clean it.


Spandex is known for being very stretchy, and resistant to the sun, lotion, perspiration, and oils. It is a very soft and lightweight fabric that is resistant to water and non-absorbent. It is an excellent fabric for sportswear. Spandex, however, is very easily damaged by chlorine bleach.

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