Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is a combination of factors which help a business to take into account customer needs when selling a product.

There are four P's in Marketing mix


The product must meet the needs of the customer. A business must consider the following when identifying their products;

- What will be out product range(variety)?

- Who is our product targeted at?

- What will our packaging be?

-what will be our material?


Price is important because;

- The Price of a product gives customers and indication of quality.

- When there is competition in the markets, changes in price can have a big impact on demand.

- When the products are branded they generally have a higher price rather then non-branded products because branded products are more expensive to produce and promote.


Promotion is when a business makes the consumers aware that a product is for sale. Reasons for a promoting a business or a product;

- Building a strong brand image.

- Boosting sales.

- Creating awareness.

- Communicating product benefits and features to customers.


Place is about having a product available to customers when they need it and where they want it. There are many ways a business might do this.

- Direct - some businesses sell their product directly to customers

- Wholesale - a wholesaler breaks down a bulk supply of a product and distributes it to retailers this is more suitable for businesses that produce a large quantities of a product.

- Retail - distributing products through retailers helps sell the product improve.

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