THE 4P's


THE 4P's


Our restaurant was in the P-Block of the school

Good points- We had lots of access to facilities. We where aloud to use the schools cooking equipment so we did not have to use our own so less money used.

Bad points- Not much costumers wanted to buy the noodles because we put our stand in an rural area of the school.

Cinema, Shop, convention store fridge.


Our products are noodles and tea

Good Points - Lots of people like noodles and tea and was quiet cheap. They can be brought anywhere at lots of shops so it was not have to find food for cheap.  

Bad Points - Because it was late lots of people already had tea. Not many people wanted to buy the tea so it was a waste of our money buying the tea.

A good product is one that you can get from most stores that is with in the price range for that product tastes good and is a overall good product to have.


Price- How much money a product for a business costs.

Good Points- our food was cheap at just £1 a bowl + because of this nobody had to get loose change out because it is a good number.

Bad Points- We spent £15 pound and if they did not sell then then we would not make any money and it would have been a waste of our time and money.

We used the prices of other people also known as competative.


promotion - this is when you advertise something like a product you want to sell.

Good points - It lets people Know what we want to sell and where we are and the costs of everything and the place.

Bad Points - The bad points of promotion is waste of paper and people don't check what the poster says or where are.

Place, price, promotion, product and availability.