Texas Oil Project

Zoey Pope / 3rd Period

Discovery of Oil at Spindletop

January 10th, 1901 was the day when Anthony Lucas hit oil at Spindletop, a town nearby Beaumont. Before that was an entrepreneur named Patillo Higgins, who was the first to predict there was oil under the small salt dome. He was forced to resign as the owner of the oil derricks located there due to lack of expenses. It was then when Anthony Lucas took over and funded the corporation, that they made the largest discovery of oil ever known at that time.

Texas Oil Booms And Discoveries

Spindletop inspired many people from the oil business to expand and prosper. It also inspired many new oil businesses to appear, such as now-known giants like Texaco, Gulf, and Mobil. Because of the Spindletop discovery, the oil industry was a buyer's market and decreased the price of oil. Oil production skyrocketed almost overnight.

Social Changes

Oil did not only affect its industry, but the people around them too! The population growth increased dramatically and new opportunities for new businesses were formed. New communities popped up on the map, and so new people from around the U.S. are brought together, creating an ethnic diversity of a sort. Many other changes occurred, but I think I've listed enough to get my point across: Oil was affecting everything and everyone.

Oil Affects Education

The oil boom has affected the education of Texas significantly. Many museums, colleges, and universities owe their existence to individuals and institutions o the oil industry. The land that many of them own have a considerable amount of oil. Oil companies were eager to pay them money in return for their land. The University of Texas and Texas A & M University have received millions of dollars in profits.

Effects of the Spindletop Discovery

The discovery of oil at Spindletop not only caused an oil boom, it unknowingly created a whole new era in our state and country's history. We recognize it today as the reason we've paved more roads, built more schools, and educated more children than any other industry we know of. Spindletop has done more for us than we give them credit for.

Petroleum Products

- Natural Gas

- Petroleum Jelly

- Gasoline

- Ink

- Perfumes

- Paint

- Nail Polish

- Lipstick

- Crayons

- Shoes

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