Erin O. and Danielle A.

1st period     March 24, 2015

Europa and Callisto


Basic Facts

Mass: 4.7998 x 10kg

Distance from planet: 671,100km

Rotation period [Earth days]:3.5

Atmosphere: oxygen

Composition: silicate rock, and a thin layer of ice

Interesting Facts

Europa is very smooth ,few features have been seen.

Europa has liquid water in it and meets the three minimum requirements for life to exist.

Europa causes large tides on Jupiter


Basic Facts

Mass: 1.07 x 10 23 kg

Distance from planet:[km] 1,868,768

Rotation period: 16.689 earth days

Atmosphere [principle gases]: Carbon dioxide

Composition: 40% ice 60% rock

Interesting Fact

Callisto was named after a nymph that was turned into a bear by Hera the goddess, the wife of Zeus. After Hera turned Callisto into a bear, Zeus put Callisto in the sky, and turned her into the constellation Ursa Major.

Many of the largest craters are surrounded by rings.The largest of these craters is called Valhalla.

Gipul Catena is a long series of craters lined up in a straight line.

Unlike Ganymede, with it's complex terrains, there is little tectonic activity on Callisto.