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Social media video. Support local business.

14% of people trust advertising.
90% trust recommendations...
via Social Media.

Do you currently use social media to promote your business? You Should.

If your a local business then your always looking for ways to get new customers, at least you should be. Social media is a powerful tool that other local businesses are tapping into. Do you have bad reviews on yelp? Do you know how to fix them? Do you know what other people are saying about your business?

We can help. identityBlend is a local business that supports local business. We want to help you attract new customers and promote a positive reputation online. Get more likes on facebook, grow your twitter following, make sure people can find your business on google places, and get better reviews on yelp

For $249/Month you get an expert account manager for all of your social profiles that will work with you to tap into the power of social media for your local business. http://identityblend.com/pricing

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