Rules in Society

Is Utopia really the perfect society?! :-/

Rules and Laws

All rules and laws are very necessary because, our society might seem like a better society but Jonas’society is better for the environment instead because they use solar power and they do not pollute unlike we do.

All rules and laws are not fair to all of the people in Jonas' community because, the rule of sameness and the no weather rule is a little bit too far since everyone is special in their own and unique way the rule of sameness does not apply and should not be a rule and no weather does take out all of the bad weather but that means all of the good weather is also gone such as all of the memories of snow cannot be replaced with anything else so that is why not all the rules are not fair to everyone.

People who don’t follow the rules and laws get released from community and they have to find another one, an example is when one of Jonas’ classmates lost their father because he was released.

All of the consequences are fair because if you don’t follow the rules you are not going to die you will just exit the community this has happened to the pilot who read his navigational systems wrong and flew over the community and scared everyone the pilot was released from the community.

Rules and laws cannot be changed, an example is when The Giver tried to make the society better but nobody listened to him and he said to Jonas' that he could not change the rules at all.

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