Chapter 2 Project

S. Joyner

  • This is basically how I got all of my information that I used throughout the project, from Activity 1 to 4.

Activity 1: Graphing. . .

  • This is my all of my work in Activity 1.
  • This is how I got all of my information for the graph.

My Graph. . .

  • For my graph, as you can see, there are three  different colors used to represent each individual equation, make out the lines, and crossings between the lines.
  • Red: y (is less than or equal to) -5/4x + 262.5
  • Blue: y (is less than or equal to) -1/2x + 150
  • Green: Y (is greater than or equal to) 0
  • THe black part in there graph is where all of the lines intersect.
  • Also, please do excuse my picture. It was flipped around in frame when I took the picture. and I couldn't figure out how to switch it around.

Activity 2: Analyzing

  • In Activity 2 I did my work to find out the Maximum.

Activity 3: Researching

  • In Activity 3 I visited my local grocery store in search of green peppers,hot chili peppers, tomato sauce with onions, and the prices of all these items.
  • My information from research is shown above.

Activity 4: Organization

  • The top pat of this picture is how I got the amount of sauce I need to produce in a week.
  • And at the bottom is a spreadsheet to track my stock of sauce after each week.

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