Dr J S Rajkumar’s Endoscopic intra-gastric balloon Treatment

My uncle balwinder singh has a chain of restaurants in chandini chowk delhi. After reaching shop, he only has to monitor the things by sitting in his office. My uncle is foodie person by nature, so he eats a lot. Due to his craving for sweets, he is obese person. His obesity is leading to many problems like high blood pressure, increased cholesterol level, low energy level and physically inactive. So my uncle started morning walk but it did not work for two long. He hired even a yoga instructor but his excess fat around body parts making it difficult for him to lose weight. At last, he consulted family doctor, he suggested my uncle the surgery but he is orthodox person. He believe that having a surgery for obesity is of no use. He has heard about Dr J S Rajkumar weight loss treatments. At first, my uncle was reluctant to visit Dr J S Rajkumar. But when he visited him, he was amazed by the method of treatment of Dr J S Rajkumar.Dr J S Rajkumar told my uncle that a soft balloon is inserted into his stomach which is called Endoscopic intra-gastric balloon. The balloon is filled with saline solution to fill the stomach partially, which will help in reduce the amount of hunger and the quantity of food intake. The balloon is removed after six months so that my uncle can reduce more weight by physical activity. My uncle is thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar for his advice.