Michigan St. University


History & Origin

Founded in 1855

Prototype for 69 land-grant institutions established under the Morrill Act of 1862

First institution of higher learning in the United States to teach scientific agriculture

February 12, 1855 – Agricultural College of the State of Michigan

March 15, 1861 – State Agricultural College

June 2, 1909 – Michigan Agricultural College

May 1, 1925 – Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science

July 1, 1955 – Michigan State University of Agriculture and Applied Science

January 1, 1964 – Michigan State University


The original terra cotta statue was dedicated in 1945 but has since been moved inside Spartan Stadium to save it from unfavorable weather conditions. In 2005, a bronze replica replaced the original at the corner of Kalamzoo St. and Red Cedar Rd.

About two hours before kick-off, the Spartan football team will begin it’s walk to Spartan Stadium from their hotel at the Kellogg Center on Harrison Rd., across the Red Cedar River to Kalamazoo Street.  Members of theSpartan Marching Band play as the team walks single-file behind the Spartan Statue, each member rubbing it’s foot and leaving pennies at the base for good luck.

Admission & Requirements

Freshman admission is based on:

your academic performance in high schoolthe strength and quality of your curriculumrecent trends in your academic performanceyour class rankyour ACT or SAT resultsyour leadership, talents, conduct, and diversity of experience

Fall 2013 Freshman Profile*

Entering class: 7,850 (expected)High school GPA: 3.4-3.9Composite ACT: 23-28Composite SAT (Critical Reading and Math): 1040-1210

* middle 50 percent of enrolled freshmen; numbers may fluctuate slightly as students confirm/cancel enrollmen

Costs & Tuition

In-State Freshmen

Tuition and fees (15 credits/semester): $13,246Room and board (double room/Silver Meal Plan): $9,204

Total for two semesters: $22,450

Non-Michigan Freshmen

Tuition and fees (15 credits/semester): $35,026Room and board (double room/Silver Meal Plan): $9,204

Total for two semesters: $44,230

International Freshmen

Tuition and fees (15 credits/semester): $36,018Room and board (double room/Silver Meal Plan, including three weeks between fall and spring semesters): $10,062Books and supplies: $1,060Personal/miscellaneous: $2,606Medical: $1,708

Total for two semesters: $51,454

Totals include tuition and fee rebates. Tuition, fees, and housing charges are subject to change by the Michigan State University Board of Trustees without notice. Other housing options are available.

Degree Plan

Mechanical Eng Prereqs

All courses listed below are required:

CHEM 1105 | CHEM 1305 | PHYS 2420 |


MATH 1411 | MATH 1411A | MATH 1411B | MATH 1411C |


CHEM 1306/1106BIOL 1305/1107PHYS 2421

Career Description

Average Automotive Engineering Salary. In 2011, automotive engineers earned an average income of $117,600 in 2011. This was a 10 percent increase from the 2010 median salary of$107,000, according to SAE International

Job description

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Job descriptionSalary and conditionsEntry requirementsTrainingCareer developmentEmployers and vacancy …Related jobs

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Automotive engineer?

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Case studies

Graduate engineer: Sayan BakshiResearch engineer: Felicity HarerProduct creation engineer: Chris Bellamy

Automotive engineers are involved in the design, manufacture and operation of ground-based vehicles, such as motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

They are involved in the whole product design lifecycle from the initial concept through to delivery, but generally work in one of three main areas:

design;research and development;production.

Engineers in this field need to have a combination of engineering and commercial skills in order to deliver projects within budget. Once established, they usually specialise in a particular area, for example structural design, exhaust systems or engines.

Job Requirements

Bentley Entry Level Engineering Jobs

Fircroft and Bentley are recruiting for a number of Entry Level Engineering roles including NVH, Electrical Engineers and HIL Engineers. Over the years Fircroft has placed newly qualified graduates in various contract automotive engineering jobs at Bentley Motors.  The below case study gives an insight into the work of David Seesing, one of the current Bentley contractors working through Fircroft

Persuasive Essay

I strongly believe that i could be a very good advocate for Michigan St. University. Not only am i interested in the field of automotive technology but i have also studied it and worked inside that field. My passion for this particular career drives me to try and advance in this career and also become one of the bests. I believe i should be accepted to your university due to my qualities in this field and my pursuit of being the best.

To initiate, I am very competitive, therefore i like to be the best at everything i do and also try to maintain that spot. My pursuit to be the best drives me to learn more about my career than others and also to become not only a successful student but also a successful engineer. I would become a really important person and bring lots of reputation to your college. I would not only try to be the best one from the university but from the whole entire world.

Secondly i have qualities that will help me succeed in this career. I would go into the university knowing more than just my basics and also having some experience in this field. i Have not only learned but have also done hands-on in working with cars. I think this would give me a head start and would help me in understanding more the concept and also facilitating my work. My grades in all classes would be good grades because i am a responsible student and also very intelligent.

   In conclusion i think this qualities are very important in the acceptance to a college. I am very passionate about my career and know that you’re one of  the bests schools for this. Personally i would like for you to give me the chance and opportunity to learn more and become a successful person in this field.



I am an experienced Automotive engineer who has participated in diverse automobile projects. This projects have added to my experience and abilities. I am a recommended Automotive Engineer by important companies and other engineers. My objective is to acquire more knowledge from this job and also to help others around me succeed and to help create something unique that this world hasn’t experienced.


n  I have worked in projects with agency Ford.

n  Masters in Automotive Engineering.

n  Participated in Engineering Camps all over the U.S.

n  Hands-on projects during the study of my Career.

n  Established a performance & tuning business.


High School                                                                                                                                       2014-2018

Participated in the Automotive Technology program at Pebble Hills High School. (PHHS) Worked in several parts of engines, transmissions, and etc. Also personally worked to improve the performance of my car.


Attended Michigan St. University for Automotive Engineering. Completed course all the way to mastering this field. Had several hands-on projects that helped me gain experience. Helped improve my car and others friends’ cars.


·       Advanced knowledge in field.

·       Experienced in performance and basics.

·       Skillful and fast learner

·       Innovator and Self-motivated.

·       Available to help and teach others

Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I am applying for a position of Automotive Engineer at Lamborghini Automobiles Enterprises.

As i mentioned before I am currently still in the process of terminating my career in Automotive Engineering. My advanced education in this field has allowed me to gain experience in hands-on with cars. My projects have included to alter engines, upgrade cables and technology in the cars, transmission repairing, and etc. I have gained not only experience but also knowledge in performing cars, any kind whether it is imports, muscles, or exotics. This is a dream I have pursued all my life and I will work hard to be the best in what I do.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity and i hope you take me into serious consideration.

Osman A. Guevara

14263 English Point

El Paso, Tx



Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

Osman Guevara is a wonderful student interested in the field of automotive technology. Osman is a hardworking student and he is genuinely nice. He gets his work done one time and if somebody else needs help, he does not hesitate to help them. I have known Osman for three years, and in those three years he has been a wonderful student, friend, and person overall.

Some qualities that Mr. Guevara include his ability to listen very well, his dedication, and no matter how hard something gets, he never gives up. Whenever you tell Osman to complete a task, he will always complete it and he puts in everything he has. If he commits to something, he will dedicate himself to that task. No matter how hard a task is, he will give it the best he has to offer and keep pushing through it, no matter what life throws at him. He is very hard working and he a kind hearted individual. He is the kind of person who puts others wants and needs above his own. He strives for excellence, not perfection. Mr. Guevara has a bright future ahead of him, and he deserves the best education for his intelligent mind.

Osman helped me get through school and he helped me to be the best that I can be. He pushed me to strive for excellence and he inspired me to do new things. He is one-of-a-kind. There is no doubt that I would hire Osman for a job in a heart beat. If you would like more information of this wonderful student, you may contact me at acook02@student.sisd.net, or via phone: (850)619-4471.

Best Regards,

Alannah Cook

Automotive Technologist

El Paso, Tx 79938

Tel: (850)619-4471

Email: acook02@student.sisd.net

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