The Telephone-1876

Invented by: Alexander Graham Bell

-Can you imagine a life where you couldn't just call someone who was half way around the world, or even a few miles away? You have Alexander Graham Bell to thank then. The telephone was created in 1876, and eventually becomes one of the most important sources of communication in the world.


Invented By: Thomas Alva Edison

-The first incandescent light bulb was created in 1879, by Thomas Edison. Despite what most people think, Thomas Edison did not create the first light bulb. The light bulb he made, however, was the first "commercially practical" bulb, and used a carbon filament.


Invented By: Thomas Alva Edison

-The phonograph was the earliest version of a record player known. It was able to record sounds because of the sound waves made through singing or talking. The sound waves would scratch a pattern into a cylinder that could later play back what you recorded by following the markings.


Invented By: Christopher Sholes

The type writer, created in 1873, was made to easily "print" letters, newspapers, et cetera. Each button on a typewriter is attached to an arm. Each letter is sitting in ink, that way when you press the button of a certain letter the arm will swing up and hit the paper, leaving an ink mark.

Automatic Lubricator for
a Steam Engine-1872

Invented By: Elijah McCoy

-The Automatic Lubricator was created for the purpose of helping steam engines run more smoothly. Because of the many railroads being built across the U.S. at the time, Elijah's invention was very helpful in keeping the need for maintenance down.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Invented By: Josephine Cochrane

The dishwasher consisted of wire spaces, made to cups and plates. They sat in a wheel that laid on a boiler. A motor spun the wheel while hot water sprayed up and down on the dishes. A few friends asked Josephine to make them one and word spread of her new invention.

Kodak  Camera-1888

Invented By: George Eastman

-The Kodak camera was the first handheld camera to be invented. The camera would capture and put anything you tool a picture of onto film with the click of a button. It has now evolved and can be seen in many phones, laptops, and even some computers.

Gasoline-Powered Automobile-1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

-The gasoline-powered automobile is one of our main sources of transportation today. Cars were originally made for driving, parking, comfort, and safety since then, we've added extra features like radios and seat warmers.

The Aeroplane-1903

Invented By: Wilbur and Orville Wright

-The worlds first successful aeroplane/airplane was built in 1903 by the Wright brothers. It's purpose was to be a more efficient and inexpensive way of getting somewhere. Today, we use airplanes to go over seas and across long distances.

Vacuum Cleaner-1901

Hubert Cecil Booth

-The early version of the vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 by Hubert Cecil Booth. It was made as a way to suck up dirt and other small things that would normally be hard to pick up more efficiently.

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