Korea split into North and South Korea

August 15, 1945- This is important because it manifested the mental divide between communism and democracy into two different countries.

North Korea invades South Korea

June 25, 1950- North Korea did not approve of the democratic society that South Korea developed, so they invaded in hopes that they could convert them to communism.

US intervenes by aiding South Korea and USSR intervenes by aiding North Korea

June 27, 1950- This is significant because this is what ultimately started the Cold War. Russia and America were indirectly having a war against each other by aiding opposing sides of the Korean War.

MacArthur was removed from his position

April 11, 1951- This is a significant event in the Korean War because he was the general that lead the UN countries in war against North Korea. It is important he was released from his position because he embarrassed the president by trying to convince Congress to drop nuclear bombs on North Korea and the president did not want it.

Cease Fire

July 27, 1953- Neither side of Korea won the war so they remained North and South Korea and signed a cease fire.

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