7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities-

That you should be responsible with what you do on the internet.

-You shouldn't do things like hate on someone's blog, video, comment etc.

-Respect other people opinions and if you do hate on them take responsibility and apologize.

8. Digital Health and Wellness

Keeping people away from things that can do them physical or psychological harm (things that give people suicidal thoughts, encouragement to do drugs etc.)

-People should stop making inappropriate websites such as suicidal chat rooms or sites that encourage the use of drugs (whether it's an overdose of a medicine, or illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine etc.)

-Video games are often blamed for this because of their violent use of weapons and drugs. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, or Call of Duty are not to blame, because games like that are used for ENTERTAINMENT.

9. Digital Security

Many people have viruses or malware on their computers and don't even no it!

- Malware is a type of virus that is specifically designed to destroy computer software. A type of this is "the Trojan Horse" which will lure you into doing something like downloading a game or buy from a website, but is actually a virus in disguise.

- You can prevent this from happening by not trusting any strange links or random pop- ups. Don't buy or download anything unless it is DIRECTLY FROM THE DEVELOPER'S SITE.