Ryan Araujo
period 5

"Raise the rim?"

The topic of this article is the debate if the rim should be raised in professional basketball? It states that most basketball players today are a foot taller than players were in the 1800s. The discussion is that now players are able to reach the rim easily, and the raising of the rim would make the game more interesting.

Structural functional!

1. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball made the rim 10 feet high in 1891, and it has lasted all this time.

2. Players trained and practiced for years all aiming at the 10 foot rim, it would take even longer to adjust to a higher basket. (Conflict Perspective)

3. Raising the rim would cause players to become more athletic and become more shooting oriented.

(Manifest Function)

social conflict!

1. Raising the rim would cause the need for smaller guys to jump even higher in order to dunk and compete.

2. Players are going to have to alter their shots and shoot a little differently. (Dysfunctional)

3. Raising the rim would lower the scores of the game, and would make players look less athletic. (Latent Function)

symbolic interaction!

1. Former NBA basketball player Earl Monroe believes that, "raising the basket at least 6 inches might prove to be interesting".

2. Tamika Catchings, WNBA player says that the rim shouldn't be raised or lowered. She believes that dunking the ball is not the heart of the game.

3. The beliefs and mindset of the game will be changed throughout the world. (Non-Material)

My Opinion!

In my opinion I believe that it is a bad decision for them to change the height of the rim. Being a basketball player myself I have always played on a 10 foot basketball court, changing the height of the rim now would lead to disaster throughout the game. Basketball players all over the world have been working to better their game on a 10 foot court and all this practice would simply go to waste by raising the rim. I believe this change would be very dysfunctional and I am completely against the raising of the rim.

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