Chinese Dynasties

Sui, Tong, and Song

This map shows the three different dynasties that were in China. It highlights the Sui dynasty and outlines the perimeters of the Tang and Song dynasties.

Sui (581-618)

This website tells about the beginning of the Sui dynasty and goes in depth to describe the government. The first three paragraph do a great job of explaining the establishment of the Sui dynasty and the emperors involved and the relationship to the other dynasties that were formed around the time period. The information about the bureaucracy and economy are immediately following the first three paragraphs. This article also does a good job describing the daily lives of the people in the Sui dynasty.

This is an excellent resource to use. It helps give the viewer a better idea of what happened during the Sui dynasty and it also helps to connect all of the dynasties together and how they affected one another.

Tang (618-907)

The biggest effect of the Tang dynasty was that they were the first to have a female empress. It was almost unheard of for Chinese dynasties. They also influenced many different areas that they conquered with their government and culture. The government for the Tang dynasty was a bureaucracy of officials. Something that was important and different for the government was that the members of the government had to pass exams to be apart of the government.

Song (960-1279)

In the Song dynasty, the government reformed the civil service examination system which helped to make sure that the right people were apart of the government. Students would take it and it tested them of their grasp of Confucianism. A new form of Confucianism arose from the process, call the Neo-Confucianism. It emphasized Confucianism ideas and also spiritual matters. The Song dynasty also made many different achievements that helped their dynasty and influenced other cultures around them. Some of the most impactful acheivements were woodblock printing, making porcelain, movable type of printing

This is an example of their woodblock printing and how they used it.