5 Rules of Online Safety

By: Jade Sullwold p.2

#1 put your name or anything  about you in your username.

Its important that you don't because people can find out everything about you.

#2 If someone is cyberbullying you online you should show an adult and don't respond

If you don't they can't keep draging it on and if you just ignore it it wont make you mad.

#2 Don't share your personal information online.

Dont share personal information online because other wise you can have everyone knowing about it and you cant take it off even when you think you did.

You Can't back what you put online.

if you don' put anything personal online it wont matter if someone looks at it or if its not deleted

#3 if your playing a game dont play with people you don't know

It could be a totally different person then they actually are.

#4 Don't give out your passwords

other people can get on and do things you did not  want them to.

It could lead to something you didnt mean

#5 Watch what you post

people can use it in ways you didn't mean

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