Mrs. Graham's Technology Corner

Updating to Windows 8

Why are we updating?

Because student laptops will come with Windows 8 and it will make instruction to students simplier if our operating system is the same as theirs.

Instructions can be found on the Quick Reference Guides page on FWISD Division of Technology page.

Important Things to Know

-Make sure you are hardwired via ethernet cord to begin update.

- If you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, find time to come to the library and we can help.

- You only have to update the computer you use with the Promethean board, but you can update your desktop if you wish.

- Windows 10 is coming at some point, but release date and when the district is going to implement is unknown.

- Having your laptop updated to Windows 8 will be a requirement of summer checkout

What's coming next???
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 login page

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