4th Quarter Newsletter

Mallory DiTommaso, Colton Bavery, Josh Belcher, Josh Roberts, Brandon Hill

Tracker Jacker

We use a Google Spreadsheet called "tracker jacker' to track our grades. Every week of the quarter, we check our grades in ANGEL and track our progress on the document. We track different areas of our total grade, such as tests, quizzes, writing assignments, reading activities, etc. Using this strategy, we are able to see which areas are in need of improvement, and from this we can improve our skills in English more effectively.

Julius Caesar

We have started reading "Julius Caesar" in class. When we read as a class, we put all of the roles on the board and we get to pick what role we want to speak. We take notes on what is happening throughout the acts. Also, we will watch the play when we are finished reading it.

Research Paper

In class we got to choose a novel with a social issue that is present in today's society. While reading, we took notes and about the characters and what was happening in the book. We created interview questions about that social issue and asked people we knew. We also blogged with one of Mrs. Hicks' old classes in Michigan about our books and the students there did the same. We have had many conferences and talks about our books and our papers so far.

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