Nicholas Rauber

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About Nicholas Rauber

An experienced dentist with a diverse background, Dr. Nicholas Rauber treats patients at Aesthetic Dentistry Group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He began his studies at Louisiana State University, where he received a bachelor of science with a concentration in zoology. During this time, he served as a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Following the completion of his studies, Dr. Nicholas Rauber earned acceptance to the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, where he completed a doctor of dental surgery and joined his fellow dental students on a trip to Antioch, Mexico, to administer dental care to residents. In addition, Dr. Nick Rauber volunteered as a member of the school’s strategic planning and curriculum committees.

An active participant in his field, Dr. Nick Rauber is affiliated with a number of professional organizations. Among others, he serves as a member of the Greater Baton Rouge Dental Association and the board of directors of the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry’s alumni association and curriculum committee.

Sporting Clays Presents Variety of Challenges for Shotgun Shooters

A dentist based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Nicholas Rauber currently practices with Aesthetic Dentistry Group. Nick Rauber served in leadership positions in student government during dental school at Louisiana State University. During this time, Nicholas Rauber helped to rally the student body during Hurricane Katrina and established the school’s largest student fundraiser, the Sporting Clay Tournament, also known as the Clay Pigeon Shoot.

Sporting clays refers to the shooting of clay birds with a shotgun. A machine launches clay discs into the air in a manner that represents the flight of a pheasant, pigeon, or duck. The shooter then attempts to hit the disc with his or her shotgun. A variety of target throws, angles, and distances as well as variable clay target sizes adds considerable variety and challenge; this variability has led to some to compare sporting clays to golfing, only with a shotgun instead of a club.

A shooter may use any well-maintained shotgun that can fire two shots for sporting clays. Double-barreled shotguns represent the classic choice and remain popular for the ability to select different chokes and make quick follow-up shots. However, gas-operated semiautomatics often see use, especially for users sensitive to recoil.

Swollfest Fishing Rodeo Raises Funds and Awareness for Charity

Dr. Nicholas Rauber of Baton Rouge makes a profession of dental surgery, but contributes more than his medical skills toward the good of his community. Among several other charitable activities, Dr. Rauber is the founder and director of Swollfest, an annual fishing rodeo that now draws hundreds of competitors, dozens of sponsors, and hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity annually.

Swollfest began in 1997 when Nick Rauber, still in high school, gathered a few friends and fathers for a weekend fishing competition, naming the competition from its goal of catching the “swollest,” or largest, fish. That same year, however, Nick had also attended the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s summer camp, an experience that left a lasting impression and inclination toward acts of compassion and charity. Nick gathered more attendees for Swollfest each year, and in 2002, began using the event as an opportunity to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

Swollfest is now a local event, drawing area journalism and businesses to support the proceedings, and to date has raised over a million dollars for the ADA, the MDA, and many other charities. In addition, Swollfest has not only grown in its own scope, but has developed a sister organization: the Swollfest Outdoor Wish Foundation, offering wilderness excursions for military veterans and children with disabilities, funded by proceeds from the Swollfest rodeo.

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