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Nicholas Vita serves as a Senior Partner at Apelles Investment Management, LLC where he is a member of the committee responsible for assessing and managing the firm’s investment portfolio. Nicholas Vita is also the President of Apelles Public/Private Partnerships Global, LLC, for which he leads the team responsible for sourcing and structuring investments within, among others, the privatized military infrastructure housing and lodging sectors. Nicholas Vita received a bachelor of arts in political science from Columbia College, Columbia University, in May of 1995. As a student, he earned placement on the dean’s list, was a student-leader and was active in athletics, including as a member of the Men's Varsity Heavyweight Crew Team, President of St. Anthony Hall and as co-captain of the intramural soccer team. While at Columbia, he completed several overseas summer advisory assignments that dovetailed with the fall of the Iron Curtain, first with the State Bank of Czechoslovakia and then, the following summer at Crimson Capital, a US Government sponsored advisory program that worked in partnership with the Czech Ministry of Privatization. At Crimson Capital, he assisted a team of professional who were tasked with facilitating the transition of the Czech economy from a planned to a market economy. While serving in these roles, he assisted in valuing state-owned companies and assets, participated in negotiations for foreign direct investment and analyzed geopolitical liabilities and governance risks. Outside of his professional life, Mr. Vita remains involved with a number of charitable and not-for-profit organizations, including Deerfield Academy, Columbia University, Kings Crown Rowing Club, Fraternal Order of Police, Purple Heart and The Salvation Army. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, scuba diving, Krav Maga and sky diving.

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