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Nick Passalacqua founded in Delay Beach, Florida, in 2013. He serves as the company’s chief executive officer. In this capacity, Nick Passalacqua is tasked with developing strategic partnerships and business alliances for the company.

The responsibilities of Nick Passalacqua extend to business development, technology, and innovative advertising. Thanks to his efforts, has experienced a 600 percent revenue increase in the second year of its operation.

Mr. Passalacqua has devoted 11 years to online marketing, with emphasis on lead generation. Between 2003 and 2008, he owned in Boca Raton, Florida, and also served as the firm’s CEO. In this role, he was responsible for generating leads. His accomplishments included the production of a video for the Fila Ferrari Sneaker, which the American tennis legend, Jennifer Capriati, sponsored.

He subsequently founded in Boynton Beach. As operating executive, he was responsible for business technology as well as the company’s product roadmap. Furthermore, he oversaw’s generation of more leads than its primary competitors.

Four Basic Components of Boxing’s Scoring System

Nick Passalacqua has functioned as chief executive officer at in Delray Beach, Florida, since 2013, and also founded the company. He had previously spent five years heading In his free time Nick Passalacqua enjoys following professional boxing.

The result of a professional boxing match can sometimes be controversial due to the subjective nature of the sport's scoring system. For a casual viewer to understand how a bout is scored, it is necessary to understand the four key elements of a scorecard. First, a clean punch is a blow that lands on the face or side of the head of an opponent, or anywhere along the front or side of an opponent’s torso. Next, effective aggressiveness is another important area judges scoring a fight will consider; aggressiveness is defined as one boxer moving forward with confidence and balance on a consistent basis against his or her opponent.

The third component of boxing scoring is ring generalship. While effective aggressiveness can play into ring generalship, the latter incorporates any maneuvers or behaviors exhibited by a boxer that controls the tempo and style of the fight. Finally, a boxer’s defensive capabilities and actions are reflected in the defense section of the scorecard.

Barbarians at the Gate - A Classic Tale of High Finance

Nick Passalacqua, founder and CEO of, draws on more than a decade of business experience in heading the lead-generation company. In his free time, Nick Passalacqua enjoys reading, with one of his favorite books being the nonfiction classic Barbarians at the Gate.

Originally published in 1990, Barbarians at the Gate remains one of the most well-known tales of high finance and hostile takeovers. It covers the battle over RJR Nabisco, which took place in the later months of 1988. The event was not only the largest takeover on Wall Street to date, but also an example of the drama and high-stakes competition that characterizes a leveraged buyout.

Barbarians at the Gate authors Bryan Burrough and John Helyar thoroughly researched the deal in order to give readers a sense of the scope of the buyout. They describe the fight between leveraged buyout specialist Henry Kravis and RJR Nabisco CEO F. Ross Johnson. The battle ended with a winning $108 per share bid by Kravis' company, and the book chronicles the entire journey up to its end with all the drama and detail of a thriller novel.

John Q - A Father Committed to Finding His Son a Heart

Responsible for business development and strategic partnerships, Nick Passalacqua, CEO of, helps clients generate leads to increase sales and revenue. Outside of the office, Nick Passalacqua enjoys viewing boxing matches, following the New York Yankees, and watching movies. One of his favorite movies is John Q.

Released in 2002, John Q stars Denzel Washington, Robert Duval, and Anne Heche. The story follows a father, played by Washington, and his mission to find his son a heart transplant. Without the funds to help his child obtain the necessary treatment for his failing heart, John Q overtakes a hospital emergency room and holds 11 people hostage. His ultimate goal is to have his child’s name added to the donors list before he has to commit a dire act.

The film is rated PG-13 and grossed more than $23 million in the United States its opening weekend. It has a runtime of one hour and 56 minutes and was filmed primarily in Canada and partially in Chicago, Illinois.

The Work Ethic of Floyd Mayweather

Nick Passalacqua, owner of Save Big Leads, enjoys watching boxing in his free time. Nick Passalacqua names Floyd “Money” Mayweather as one of his two favorite boxers.

Known for his love of fast cars and ostentatious expressions of his wealth, Floyd “Money” Mayweather owns more than 100 luxury vehicles and owns a custom mouth guard inset with diamonds. He has, however, worked very hard to get where he is. His work ethic is almost as well known as his appreciation of money; Las Vegas residents know him to go running in the streets in the early hours of the morning.

Media personalities have attributed much of his work ethic to his challenging childhood, when he was the son of a champion boxer and a drug-addicted mother. He began going to the gym with his father as a toddler and started his own training regimen by the age of 10, since which time he has maintained a rigorous conditioning schedule. Once driven by his father, who would strike him for making mistakes or wanting to quit, he now has a strong work ethic that has led to his multimillion-dollar success.

Mayweather Beats Pacquiao and Remains Undefeated

Nick Passalacqua, the founder and CEO of Save Big Leads, enjoys following professional boxing in his free time. Nick Passalacqua considers Floyd “Money” Mayweather one of his favorite competitors.

On May 2, 2015, boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather once again demonstrated his prowess in the ring when he defeated Manny Pacquiao. The fight lasted 12 rounds and finished with the judges unanimously deciding the fight in Mayweather's favor. Mayweather started strong in the center of the ring and struck a major blow with a straight right by the end of the first round. This brought Mayweather into an early lead and overturned expectations that Pacquiao would take the match's earlier rounds.

Pacquiao did win the fourth round with a hard left and a big right. He continued to take the offensive in the fifth round, yet Mayweather soon regained his composure. Although Pacquiao hit him with a number of punches in the sixth round, Mayweather regained the center of the ring by the seventh. Pacquiao's fans shouted his name and urged him to take over the lead, but Mayweather continued to dodge his punches and wear him down. The fight ended with Pacquiao bested and Mayweather as yet undefeated at 48-0.

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for Sale

In his professional life, Nick Passalacqua serves as the CEO of Save Big Leads in Delray Beach, Florida. In his private life, Nick Passalacqua pursues a variety of interests, which include listening to the music of Michael Jackson and other hit recording artists.

On May 29, 2015, Sotheby's International Realty listed Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch as available for sale. The property is on the market as Sycamore Valley Ranch and includes the 2,700 acres of surrounding land that Jackson purchased in 1987 for $19.5 million. The property now carries an asking price of $100 million and features several of the signature amenities that made it famous in Jackson's day.

The ranch centers on a 2,500-square-foot main house that has six bedrooms and seven full bathrooms, as well as two partial baths. Housing is available for staff, and generous visitor quarters include a four-bedroom and a two-bedroom guesthouse. The property has its own 5,500-square-foot movie theater with a stage equipped for magic shows. The zoo is gone and the fire station no longer includes staff, but the buyer would still take ownership of a train station, tracks, and even a live llama and barns.

Yankees Call Up Mason Williams

Nick Passalacqua, founder and CEO of Save Big Leads, enjoys watching baseball in his free time. Nick Passalacqua names the New York Yankees as his favorite major league team. Recently, the Yankees called up longtime prospect Mason Williams from its farm system.

At the age of 18, outfielder Mason Williams distinguished himself as one of the most promising prospects in the New York Yankees farm league. He advanced through the system's lower levels but found himself impeded by what some observers considered a questionable work ethic. In 2013, he experienced a shaky transition to the Double-A team in Trenton, where he had a difficult first year.

Williams recovered, however, and a strong performance in Trenton led to a promotion to the Triple-A club. There, he seemed to come into his own in terms of mental commitment to the game and his own performance, batting .321 while knocking in 11 RBI's over the course of 20 games. His performance paid off when the New York Yankees called him to the outfield to cover for Jacoby Ellsbury, who went down with an injury.

Rumors of Tyson-Toney Fight Circulate

Nick Passalacqua, the founder and CEO of Save Big Leads in Delray Beach, Florida, enjoys watching boxing in his free time. Boxer Mike Tyson is one of Nick Passalacqua’s favorite athletes.

According to rumors that have begun circulating in the world of boxing, legendary champion Mike Tyson is preparing to come out of retirement for a fight against James “Lights Out” Toney. However, Tyson's publicist and Tyson himself both claim that the rumors are only speculative. The rumor originated from an individual close to Tyson, who indicates that preparations are 90 percent complete. If the fight happens, it will be a face-off between two boxers who each have a winning streak of over 35 fights.

Tyson enjoyed an undefeated streak of 37 professional competitions. Meanwhile, Toney distinguished himself with a 46-match streak. Toney also stands out as the boxer who defeated Evander Holyfield, whose ear Tyson famously bit in a 1997 rematch. The act led judges to disqualify Tyson, allowing Holyfield to remain as the world heavyweight champion. Nevertheless, Tyson remains legendary for having received the same title at age 20, becoming the youngest champion in history.

New York Yankees Acquire Dustin Ackley from the Seattle Mariners

An accomplished internet entrepreneur, Nick Passalacqua has launched several successful internet-based businesses, including, where he currently serves as chief executive officer. In his free time, Nick Passalacqua enjoys boxing, listening to music, and following his favorite Major League Baseball team, the New York Yankees.

In a recent trade deal, the New York Yankees acquired Dustin Ackley from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for minor league outfielder Ramon Flores and pitcher Jose Ramirez. Ackley, a 27-year-old outfielder and second baseman, was taken by the Mariners as the second overall pick in the 2009 draft and has played in Seattle his entire major league career.

In his first five big league seasons, Ackley maintained a .243 batting average and a .672 OPS. Up to this point in the 2015 season, the left-handed hitter is batting .215 and has hit six home runs and driven in 19 RBIs. Although Ackley has yet to live up to his potential, the Yankees hope that their relatively small stadium will help him hit more homers and resurrect his career.

Jake LaMotta - The Original Raging Bull

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Nick Passalacqua is an Internet marketing executive who guides Save Big Leads as president. A fan of movies such as A Bronx Tale and John Q, Nick Passalacqua considers Raging Bull one of his favorite films of all time. Released in 1980, the movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert De Niro as a boxer who faces myriad challenges in his professional and personal life. The film is based on the life story of middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta, who published his autobiography in 1970.

Born in the Bronx in the 1920s, LaMotta had an explosive temper and spent time in reform school as a teen after he attempted to rob a jewelry store. Known for his endurance and ability to roll with punches, LaMotta rose to fame in 1943 when he became the first fighter to defeat boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson. He subsequently took on boxers such as Tommy Bell and Fritzie Zivic, with his most notable victory occurring against Billy Fox in 1947. This match generated intense controversy, as many were convinced that it was fixed. LaMotta earned the middleweight championship belt against Marcel Cerdan in 1949. The end of his reign occurred in 1951 when Sugar Ray Robinson defeated LaMotta in a legendary fight that lasted 13 rounds. Retiring in the late 1950s, Jake LaMotta had the distinction of being knocked out only once in his career.