Bacon is a type of delicious meat that comes from the animal, pig. In modern times, people have grown to be more and more creative, especially when it comes to food that they're passionate about.

Bacon can be sculpted into many forms, such as bacon roses, mouth wash, creative breakfast bowls, cupcakes, baby formula, and so much more. Because of bacon’s irresistible smell and flavor, it has become the most popular breakfast side in the country. Many people even find a living in raising pigs and butchering them for their tasty bacon.

Contrary to popular belief, bacon is not only made for men, bacon is now recognized as a non gender specific treat. Before bacon became part of pop culture, it was a symbol of masculinity.

Aside from its intended use, bacon is a fashion icon, from bacon air fresheners to bacon earrings. It is also a patriotic symbol of high cholesterol and ‘merica.

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3 years ago