The Historic Connecticut Women’s Golf Association

Nicole Rose Yatsenick

The Connecticut Women’s Golf Association is an extension of the United States Golf Association and is based in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Founded in 1899, the CWGA is the oldest state golf association in the country. Although the CWGA is primarily focused on providing guidance and stewardship for amateur golfers in the state, it also operates in conjunction with the Connecticut Section of the Professional Golf Association, which is comprised of 183 member clubs—79 private clubs and 104 public institutions. The CWGA is a part of the Connecticut State Golf Association, which manages all of the affiliated clubs and institutions throughout the state.

Under the CSGA, the state is divided into five regions, each governed by a Regional Vice President and two at-large representatives. The Board of Directors for the CSGA includes all Executive Committee members, the Executive Director, the five Regional Vice Presidents and their ten at-large Representatives, past Presidents of the CSGA, and one representative each from various organizations under the CSGA umbrella, including the CWGA. The CSGA is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing the best golfing competitions to the state and developing the best golfing talent. The CWGA focuses on getting as many young women in the state into the golfing scene as possible to improve diversity in the CSGA.

In 2011, a great ambassador for the CWGA, Nicole Rose Yatsenick, won the CWGA Championship after rallying from five strokes down to force sudden death. Yatsenick, seventeen at the time, went on to attend the prestigious liberal arts college Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

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