Wonder Project by:  Nicole!!! ^.^
Character Analysis: Via

character tie to theme

She is tied to the theme of responsibility. She learned how to take care of her self and be responsible, because in the story her parents pay more attention to august than her and she had to do EVERYTHING by herself. She also learned how to be understanding because in the story she understands that august needed more attention than she did because he was deformed. She learned responsibility is not bad sometimes ,but other times she needed help and roughed threw it.

                     character influences

the person that influenced Via the most is august because, he told her he didn't want to be treated like a baby and didn't want to be pampered this changed her whole point of view august and Via's relationship is very important because, they learned a lot from each other in the story. Via influenced a lot of people in the story but the one person she impacted on most was her mom she told her mom that she wanted attention and that she wasn't giving her attention and her mom started giving her attention after she told her(changed he point of view). there relation ship was most important because, they really didn't have a relationship and, hat was one of the big problems in the text and, with out this problem the text would be less interesting.

                 Art Representation!!!   : )

Pond Over Water Lillies by Monet

I picked this drawing for via because, Via is all alone in her own place and she has none to help her and she has a future across the river and it seams so far away and she doesn't now what lies on the other side to me the brightness represents the good things in life that awayets her in the future and at the end of the book.