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How did networking saved a watercress farm in Hawaii?

In early 1970's, land developers threatened to build a super shopping mall over the land of Sumida's watercress farm. Though developers tried their best to take Farmer Masaru Sumida’s property, Sumida was able to fend them off and save his farm, by contacting those who are in his network, which consist of those who happen to be in the City Council and the Bishop Estate. Today, thanks to this well-earned victory, many chefs around the world have noted that Sumida’s watercress farm is Hawaii's best. 

How can your network help you?

Today, Sumida’s watercress farm could be seen surrounded by the very same shopping mall that had to be built around his property.  I recently had a chance to personally see this farm, which contrasted against this modern structure, I personally found it as a physical example of the power of networking. 

On, I recently reached the 1,600 1st level connections milestone. However, it is not worth a hill of beans if I just sit and wait for someone to offer me a job or share an idea. A good network needs someone who is capable of establishing a strong and lasting relationships. Many of you have seen my many "Network in Action" emails, and many have actually benefited from my networking help.  So I ask you to think of the following scenarios:

* On the day a large corporation may threaten to shut down your source of income, who are you going to contact?

* One day a lazy middle aged man may replace you at day your job.  Who are you going to contact?

* One day you're laid off after thirty years of faithful service.  Who are you going to contact?

Though there seems to be a rather large discrepancy amongst these examples, however,  they all have one common answer: contacting those who are in your network. The question you must ask yourself  is "how strong is my network?"  If you have doubts  I urge you to starting of ways to improve you network.

Today is your opportunity to strengthen you network.  Let me know how I can help you. 

Are you seeking a new job?  Looking for a change in career path? Thinking of staring your own business and need to connect to the right players?  Looking for information from industry experts?  Looking to improve your health? Is someone in your network looking for a job?  Looking for unique products or services?  Looking to creating an apple app? Looking for a unique programmer?

Today is your time to step out of your comfort level and establish that strong network.

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Let's see if my network can save your "Farm"

Semper FI, Jim Costa

PS...Greta Garbo is famous for her quote "I want to be alone"...If you want to be like good old Greta, I'll leave you alone.  No more networking business from me.   Let me know.  Aloha!

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