Ryan Niemann

Coder, educator, retro-gamer

It's hard to start a story about yourself, when you don't quite remember where it all began. I've been told I learned to type on a computer before I learned how to write (ironically I teach Medieval History to high school students, including a practical study of Calligraphy). I've developed for two separate government organizations, a university, and a good number of start up companies (the good number is eighteen at the moment in case anyone was wondering). I've wasted hours optimizing Nintendo 64 emulators, developing 2D tile-based game engines in multiple languages, and building proof of concepts for friends. I've beaten every game in the Legend of Zelda timeline (even the CD-i ones, see here). And all of this was before I even heard about Tackk.

Before Tackk was Tackk, it was an idea.  Give anybody the ability to talk about an event, share a video, share images, tell a story, build a web-page, advertise a business, send a resume, invite people to an event, sell a bike, sell a car, sell a home, sell a vineyard in Tel Aviv, talk about Cookie Monster, talk about themselves, run for President, and do just about anything.  It sounded crazy, so we did it...

...and we're not done yet. I was the CTO, so my job is to make these crazy ideas a reality.