My 2013 New Years Resoution

Late on December 31st, 2012, while celebrating the impending New Year and hoping for it to be a good one, while watching friends play Dance Dance Revolution and drinking games (and wondering to myself how to get beer stains off the ceiling fan), while watching the snow fall and knowing I was going to need to find more pillows and blankets for everyone, and moments after being pegged in the face in my kitchen by a snowball..I decided to run.

I raised a glass and declared that in 2013 I would run 1,000 miles. I don't think anyone heard me. But I did. Here's what that looked like.

Total Miles Run Tracker

1,111 miles

Avg. Mile Time


Total Running Activities


Miles to Go


shooting for 1,111 miles

Pairs of Shoes Totally Worn Out


highly recommend these shoes

Longest Run by Distance

12.7 miles

october 28th, 2013

Fastest Mile


run on a track

Longest Run by Duration


only 8.02 miles, run in the snow on a cross country course