The cattle cars, home of savage beasts when bread was present.

This song really helps capture the mood of the holocaust and this book.

The Struggle

We left home when I was 16.

Old enough to know what was happening,

But refusing to understand.

Many saw it as safety when the Germans came,

Only later did we realize that it was a lie.

The arrival at Auschwitz changed our lives,

Separated from the rest of the family,

We had already given up some hope.

My father was my hope, and I his.

We only later discovered what happened to our family.

My first job was not bad or exhausting,

But later that would change.

I was forced into labor too tough for many of us,

Only a few made it through each day.

Then my foot was injured and I had to go the infirmary,

I would have given anything to work instead of being stuck there.

Should we stay, will the Russians save us?

I decided to leave with my father,

We could never be brought apart.

Then we ran. Ran until we shouldn’t have been able too any longer.

Many of us dying on this long journey

We got to the tracks and waited…and waited…until it finally came,

The cattle car that would change my vision of men forever,

The car that made men into savages, the car that made us kill for bread.

The car that was a trash bin for dead bodies, always more thrown out at each stop.

We arrived at another camp

We worked and worked until, no more!

We were free; we didn’t have to eat tiny rations

They came and saved us, I was unlucky, I had food poisoning

I survived in the hospital and I still live.

By: Aaron Tidyman

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