By:Elie Wiesel
By: Haylah, Alyssa, Mia, and Lauren

Night was about a 15 year old boy by the name of Elie Wiesel that was taken from his home by Nazis soldiers.

The book Night was written in 1st person.



Our groups overall reaction to the book Night was that it was a good book. We thought parts of it were sad like the parts about people dying. We thought the things that happened to the Jews were cruel like the parts about making the prisoners work in harsh conditions.

Literary Devices

Figurative Language


I was putting one foot in front of the other, like a machine

Pg. #85

His feet were moving like a machine.


That night, the soup tasted of corpses.

Pg.# 65

The soup tasted of corpses.


A tall man, in his thirties, a crime written all over his forehead and his gaze. He looked at us as one would a pack of leprous dogs clinging to life.

Pg. 38

The man had crime written all over his forehead and his gaze.


Suddenly, the sirens began to scream.

Pg. 114

Suddenly, the sirens began to scream.


Jealousy devoured us, consumed us.

Pg. 59

While looking at the prisoner our jealousy devoured us and consumed us.


My heart was about to burst. There. I was face-to-face with the Angel of Death…

Pg. 34

As I was thinking of my father and saying goodbye my heart was about to burst.


We were still trembling, and with every screech of the wheels, we felt the abyss opening beneath us.

Pg.# 25

While we were trembling we heard the screech of the wheels.


One day, as we returned from work, we saw three gallows, three black ravens, erected on the Appelplatz. Roll call. The SS surrounding us, machine guns aimed at us: the usual ritual. Three prisoners in chains-and, among them, the little pipel, the sad-eyed angel.

Pg. #64

As we returned from work we saw three gallows along with three ravens. The SS officers were surrounding us with their machine guns aimed at us. We then saw three prisoners in chains.


I pinched myself: Was I still alive? Was I awake? How was it possible that men, women, and children were being burned and that the world kept silent?

pg. #32

Why should I sanctify his name? The Almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the Universe, chose to be silent.

Pg.# 33


The book Night had a silence motif; throughout the book the author uses silence to represent the lack of help from God and their lack of faith.


Fire is a symbol in the book Night because it represents the Nazis power over people. Fire is also shown in the book by when Madame Schachter has visions of fire while on the train. The symbol fire is also used when Elie sees the Nazis burning the babies.

Night is a symbol in the book Night because it represents the Jews thought of the world without God. In the book the Jews feel that they are without God because they are in the concentration camps and he has not helped them.


Elie Wiesel used direct characterization.

Structure of Night

The structure of the book Night is simple due to the fact that it is in chronological order. The book Night has a few flashbacks but it straightforward. Elie paced out his memories evenly and in chronological order.

Organization of Night

Elie Wiesel used chronological order.

Copy Edit Decisions

We feel that Elie Wiesel did not use chapter numbers because he wanted the story to flow as a whole and not different parts.

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