Ace bandages vs. Binders

In the world of cosplaying, there are some girls who wish to cosplay as boys. But it may be hard when there chest gets in the way. That is where binders come in. But instead of using the regular binders, some people use a different method. They use ace bandages.

Using ace bandages is an older an more a traditionly way, it actually came more from China way back when. Young girls with big feet would have to use bandages that helped to break them. This way of using bandages for binding has helped some girls in there cosplaying. But for some it may not help, especially if your in a higher range, and the person may have a hard time breathing.

If this happened I suggest you NOT use the ace bandage. Take it off quickly because there is another options. Buying yourself a regular binder may be the better choice if the ace bandage doesnt work out. The binders are slightly easier because it comes in different sizes. Trying them on before buying them can help in judging if it will work or not.

Remember, using either an ace bandage or binders depends on each person. Someone may be able to use an ace bandage over binders or vice versa. Try and use whichever works best for you.

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