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                                      Milestones of my walk with the Trinity                                          Jesus Christ the light of my life, God the Creator and one I found in nature, and the Holy Spirit - comforter, counselor, and teacher.  

God  -  Father and Creator

In a tumultuous and chaotic home, I found the woods and wetlands as a solace and safe haven.  Nature and creation became a place of peace and reverence; my home away from home where I could rest, think, and be free to be me.  

God met me there even when I was unaware of His existence.

Jesus Christ  -  Lord, Savior, and Friend

My first encounter with Christ came through a picture, the final picture in the series above with the words, "let all the little children come to me... for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these (Matt. 19:14)."  In my best friends bathroom, I encountered a longing to be one of those children who belonged, belonged to the Kingdom of Heaven. In that home I was invited into the family and loved as one of their own; I attended their Lutheran Church, vacation bible school, and bonfires with the family and came to know Christ for who He was and is, a lover after our heart, mind, and soul (Matt. 22:37).  

Jesus Christ  -  Faithful to the End

Until a head injury freshmen year of High School, my faith hadn't been tried and tested. God existed in the background. In merely weeks the life I once led vanished—no more soccer, track, band, or even time with friends. My life had become engulfed by endless doctors appointments, mind-numbing migraines, dizzy spells, blurred vision, and fatigue. Matthew 10:39 came alive to me: "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it." I had lost my life and held onto the hope that I would find my “true life with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3).

Abandoned by my friends and unable to speak with my overwhelmed family, I turned to the Lord, “my rock and fortress (Psalm 18:2),” for comfort, protection, strength, and understanding. Daily, God gave me the strength to get through and the hope of healing and a life without physical pain or the emotional strife of not leading a normal teenage life.

Holy Spirit  -  Teacher and Counselor

Monday Night Prayer  -  the Power of the Spirit

My life was transformed by a college prayer group, Monday Night Prayer, devoted to learning, experiencing, understanding, and practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This group challenged and solidified my conception of community, the trinity, and the role of prayer and prophecy. Through these years, I came to recognize my need for all three persons of the trinity and my relation with each continued to grow.

Taize  -  the Presence of the Spirit

Resistant to seminary, I deferred my acceptance and traveled in faith to Europe - London, England and the Taize community, France.  At Taize I encountered the wholeness and deep intimacy of stillness and silence. I experienced the depth of exchange, my dark hardened heart for Christ's heart, freely given with love. I no longer held that darkness in my heart; I was free and without fear and anxiety.

My Life IS Not My OWN (Gal. 2:20)

My Faith Today

Luther Seminary

The Taize experience solidified my call and upon returning God removed every excuse and opened every door me to attend Luther Seminary.

Why am I here?   Simply, because I know Luther is where the Spirit has led me, where God has affirmed me, and Christ has laid a seal of peace upon me.

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