What's this momentum?šŸ˜•

What's this momentum?

Momentum is a characteristic of a moving object that is related to the mass and the velocity of an object.  Now for the newbies out there momentum can be determined by the equation

Momentum=Mass x velocity

"A quantity that is conserved is the same after an event as it was before. The Law of Conservation of Momentum states that, in the absence of outside forces like friction, the total momentum of object that interact does not change. The amount of momentum two cars have is the same before and after they interact" (interactive science, forces and energy, P. 54

What the quote from the book is saying, is that the momentum of two objects will be the same. For instance, if ay heavy van weighs 2000 kg with a velocity of 2 m/s, and a small motorcycle weighs 1000 kg with a velocity of 4 m/s, the momentum would be equal because the momentum of both is  4000 kgā€¢m/s. In the formula the letter P represents Momentum. P stands for 'pressure'

Elastic Collision šŸ”“                                                   

Elastic collision?

The large and small bouncy balls above is a great example of an elastic collision. During a point of time when the ball is dropping it is falling, at the point of impact when the ball has finished dropping and is about to exceed upward, the balls elasticity is flattened like a oval. The unique part that make it an elastic collision is the ability to reform and bounce back up after impact.

Inelastic collisionšŸ’„

Inelastic collision?

The picture of the huge tackle is a great example of an inelastic collision. What an Inelastic collision is, is when an object, for instance clay is dropped in a sphere form, and when the ball is at the point of impact, it is flattened like an oval just like the bouncy ball. The difference, or what makes the clay unique is that it will stay oval and won't bounce back up. That's what the difference is between the two!

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