Niman Ranch: Partnerships

Niman Ranch is a meat purveyor based out of San Francisco, CA, which incorporates a network of over 700 family farms to raise cattle, pigs, lamb and poultry by a standardized set of guidelines that adhere to Niman Ranch’s devotion to a high quality and environmentally-conscious product. They pride themselves on their collaborations with like-minded organizations that provide support to their farmers as well as reflect a demonstrated effort to promote humane farming practices through their own work. Below, some of those partners and their missions are explained.

Edible Communities
Edible Communities is a publishing company that focuses on creating community-focused food publications that promote local purveyors, restaurants, manufacturers and more. Their mission is to connect people with their options for fresh and healthy foods right in their own communities.

American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust is a national conservation organization dedicated to protecting farmers and their land. They are a group founded by both farmers and citizens alike who stay active and up-to-date in public policy to ensure that farmlands are protected as a valuable food source for the general population.

Global Animal Partnership
The Global Animal Partnership was founded in 2008 by a collaboration of farmers, animal rights activists, scientists, retailers and ranchers who all reflect a similar mission objective of improving the welfare of animals in agriculture and food production.

Chefs Collaborative
Chefs Collaborative is a progressive group of culinary professionals who use education and connections to make wise purchasing decisions that benefit them, the patrons of their restaurants as well as the environment all at once.

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