Niman Ranch: Protecting Future Resources

At Niman Ranch, they and their partners believe that sustainable agriculture is best described as livestock raising and production practices that balance current resource demands without compromising the future of their resources, from an environment, economic and human perspective. With the largest network of family farmers and ranchers in the United States, Niman Ranch aims to have sustainability that matches up with their philosophy of raising with care.

Sustainability begins with the farmers and ranchers of Niman Ranch. They use the land and thus should use methods of raising that protects all the land’s resources for future farming generations. Farmers who are in accordance with the strict protocols of raising set by Niman Ranch, are given a higher pay for their work. However, Niman Ranch believes that sustainability must be upheld throughout the entire company and not just with the farmer. The supply chain is only as healthy as their weakest link and thus the economic health depends on the sustainability of all included members.

Niman Ranch is committed to the idea of sustainability. They are focused on learning what is best for the company from the farmers to their headquarters. In an effort to learn more about sustainable culture and best overall practice, Niman Ranch hosts events and educational programs for staff and partners to put ideas in, talk and cultivate better processes that allow sustainability to thrive. Niman Ranch is committed to the overall sustainability of their network of family farmers and ranchers located throughout the United States.

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