Niman Ranch - Family Farming

Niman Ranch is a committed supporter of family farming. Niman supports a network of over 700 family farms throughout the United States. Some of these farms are owned by families who have been a part of the Niman Ranch network for two generations or more. Niman sees family farmers as the gatekeepers of traditional farming knowledge. Without all the family farms throughout the country, the old ways of farming and producing the nation’s food from the land in a responsible way would be lost.

Niman Ranch defines a family farm as one that is owned and operated by the same family. The family relies on the farm for their livelihood. Therefore, family farmers have a deep relationship with their land, their animals and crops, and their sustainable farming practices. They also have a greater stake in the products they produce. They care more about the quality of their meat and their produce.

With the advent of big farming and the general turn toward industrial farming practices, family farms that still care about the land they take so much from are shrinking. Niman Ranch works every day to shift the advantage of industrial farms to smaller, sustainable farmers who care more about the land, their animals, and their products. With the rise of industrial farming, food sickness in this country has also risen. Niman believes that smaller farms run by people who have a larger stake in sustainability and the products they give to the American people produce safer, more nutritious products for all.

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