Niman Ranch Beef - The Cutting Edge of Sustainability

Niman Ranch Beef is a company committed to constantly changing practice of sustainability in all of the ranches and farms associated with it. Niman Ranch gets all of its products from family-owned, sustainable farms and ranches in the United States. We believe that local, sustainable operations provide the best products to our customers around the country and the world.

Because sustainability is a constantly changing thought process, especially in the farming and ranching business, we have positioned our company to be a thought leader on how sustainability is possible for small farms and ranches. Sustainability is not a detriment to profits, in fact, sustainable practices lead to larger profits in the future.

Niman Ranch Beef has a slogan and a philosophy that it binds all of its affiliated ranches and farms to: Raised With Care. We believe that protecting livestock is one of the most effective sustainable practices we can do. Ensuring that cattle is raised responsibly before slaughter prevents disease, cuts down on pollution, and produces better beef products. A key component of properly raising cattle is keeping herd densities down.

The more cattle in a small grazing area, the more waste is produced, which ranchers have to use resources to treat, or else pollute the surrounding natural area. High herd density also contributes to the spread of diseases in the cattle, which are passed quickly throughout the whole herd. Outbreaks of diseases li, often before even the most responsible ranchers can detect. Low herd density lowers the risk of the cattle contracting the disease in the first place, and makes it easier for ranchers to stop the spread of the disease.

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