Niman Ranch Farms - Raising Animals With Care

Niman Ranch farms are well known throughout the agricultural industry for their ongoing dedication to the gold standard of both sustainable agriculture and human animal care practices. By working closely with animal care expert Dr. Temple Grandin, a notable name in the field, Niman Ranch has empowered themselves with the knowledge, tools and expertise needed to ensure they remain at the pinnacle of humane and sustainable animal husbandry at all times.

Regardless of the part of the country they happen to be in, Niman Ranch Farms are all expected to meet the strictest standards in the industry, and to follow the humane and sustainable practices set forth by both Dr. Grandin and the Niman Ranch team. Whether their livestock are raised by family ranchers in the Midwest, or by independent farmers in the Pacific Northwest, all Niman Ranch farms and ranches are continually held by the same high level standard of care, something that has helped to ensure the highest quality of meats and eggs in the industry for over 40 years.

Niman Ranch Farms are first visited and inspected by Niman Ranch company professionals to make sure each operation is functioning up to the Niman Ranch set of standards. If the farm or ranch is accepted into the Niman Ranch network, they are then subject to regular visits by company field agents, people who periodically inspect the operation to make sure they continue to meet Niman Ranch standards. In addition to regular inspections, all ranchers and farmers within the network must sign regular affidavits to agree to operate within Niman Ranch’s strict animal handling protocols.

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