Nitin Khanna

MergerTech CEO Counsels Portland Startups

About Nitin Khanna

After earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from Purdue University, Nitin Khanna moved to Oregon, where he co-founded Saber Corp., in 1998. At Saber, he served as CEO of a company that produced software solutions for government agencies in 46 states. By 2007, Saber’s annual revenue exceeded $120 million and the company was sold to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for $460 million. Before leaving Saber, Nitin Khanna also directed eight mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Pairing his technical education with business acumen acquired through many years of growing his own company, Mr. Khanna currently works in technology investment banking and as a consultant to several companies within tech industry niches such as mobile devices, social networking, and cloud computing. As the co-founder and CEO of investment firm MergerTech, he utilizes his past industry experience to advise Portland, Oregon, tech startups in acquisition negotiations with more prominent companies. Among the Portland technology enterprises he has guided through the acquisition process are SecondPorch, SweetSpot, and Audioname. Additionally, Nitin Khanna fosters the continued development of Portland’s tech industry through his investments in promising local entrepreneurships such as Athletepath, Cloudability, and GlobalSherpa.

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