Moasis Global

An Emerging Communications Tool

By Clotilde Nebel and Sanneke Rothenberger


Moasis, the answer to all of the marketing questions small businesses and marketers had. Moasis will bring marketing by small businesses onto a whole new level. With this emerging communication’s tool, businesses are able to create adverts that will appear to the desirable customers, in desirable locations, during a desirable time frame, on their smartphones or tablets, mainly during the awareness phase of the business’ campaign. Thus, through this Internet platform, businesses can connect with their target customers more directly without having to address the mass audience.

Nowadays the world is clustered with advertisements and media, where half of each advertisement is not used effectively. However, the clients of Moasis are able to see how many views their advertisement has and by whom. Additionally, Moasis provides their clients with a specific tool, which shows a cost-benefit analysis of the campaign the client has launched. The business is able to set a budget beforehand and only the views of the advertisement are paid by the business, reducing the risk of having a too high budget. Using Moasis, firms can increase the impact of their advertisement by tailoring their advert to the specific customer and his/her current situation.

Full Description


For our Emerging Communications Tool project, we have chosen Moasis Global. This newly founded Internet platform for releasing marketing campaigns is powerful, as it brings the integrated marketing communication plans onto a whole new level. The paper will describe the background of Moasis, how Moasis conforms with current market and external trends, how it complements other tools, including risks and barriers for the implementation of Moasis, and a small fictious example how a small business would use Moasis.


Moasis provide “an intelligent location engine” that powers the future of location (Angel, 2013). Moasis is a self-service platform, making it easier for businesses to do local mobile marketing. It was cofounded in 2011 by Steve and Ryan Golden, and their partner Jason Mascari, who all have different backgrounds in marketing. The product/service provides a new tool to small businesses, agencies, and marketers in order to promote their brand and company. Additionally, it is a medium allowing them to manage their budget and customer relationships. When wanting to use Moasis, advertisers, firstly, must register (there is no registration fee), following a three-steps process to create the target profile and select a list of categories. Thus, the advertiser has control over advertisements that will appear.

Secondly, consumers interested in those categories will be shown advertisements of this company. The prices will vary depending on factors such as location or categories. The benefit margin is split into 60% for the partner, 40 % for Moasis (Moasis – FAQ, 2012) The type of advertising offered is graphical or text-banner advertisements on mobile websites, and applications: “Our goal is to create the intersection where data and delivery meet. So it gives the marketer, regardless of size, the ability to discover their consumer and react, and deliver on a product right away,” Ryan Golden CEO of Moasis (Walsh, 2012).

In addition, the motto “for marketers by marketers” (Moasis – FAQ, 2012) helps us to understand what are the competitive advantages given by Moasis. Indeed, unless companies approach the market from an engineering perspective, Moasis especially composed of marketers, takes a marketer’s point of view. As a matter of fact, they propose marketing support and advice with free consultations. This emphasises Moasis as being part of the firms they work for. Furthermore, the fictitious vertical integration provided by Moasis is important, since it gives more confidence for firms to work with Moasis. Information about the amount of businesses using Moasis is currently not stated, however one of the customers is Appcelerator (Angel, 2013).

External Trends and Market Factors

There are different trends and market factors, which make Moasis a powerful communications tool for small businesses and marketers. In today’s business world, there are a lot of advertisements, not only on television and radio, but also on smartphones, tablets, and social media platforms. One problem with these advertisements is that companies do not always ‘connect’ with the right target audience or target the mass audience and not only the preferred group. In doing so, these campaigns will cost more and would outweigh the benefits from such a campaign. Additionally, one big trend in the business world is not to have a marketing campaign for the mass audience, but for individual segments and groups in order to have a longer customer lifetime value. Lastly, there is a major external trend to become more virtual and work more on the Internet.

All these factors and trends just play into the hands of Moasis. Moasis helps businesses to contact with the right target audience. If the company makes a wrong decision with the target group and the advertisements are not viewed, then the company will not be charged (Moasis – How it works, 2012). Thus, in a risky business world, Moasis lowers the company’s risk of making a wrong decision. Moasis also helps the companies to analyze how well their advertisements are doing (Moasis – Audience Buying, 2012) and thus companies have it easier to see if their marketing campaigns are worth the money. Additionally, Moasis has set up the company in such a way that the client will have the feeling they are playing some sort of virtual game. By having a virtual platform, the cost of advertisement is reduced, which will be particularly attractive for small businesses or businesses that want to enter into a market. Facebook was one of the first to connect their adverts to the ‘right’ customer. Now Moasis gives this possibility also to businesses and marketers, which normally do not have the same advantages as a social media platform.

Complementing Other Tools

Moasis has a new influencing role for the Communication Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The product that Moasis offers is new and innovative and helps small businesses, who are less active in social media forums, to attract specific customers more easily and comfortably. Secondly, the client itself can set the price that he will have to pay, by being able to identify a budget at the beginning. Additionally, the client does not have to pay for advertisements that are not viewed by the customer. Thirdly, the client can attract customers on certain ‘grid spots’ from virtually everywhere, due to the online-based service that Moasis provides. Fourthly, Moasis does not have a lot of promotion yet. However, a great promotion by itself is that they won the “Mobile Technology Trailblazer” in 2012 (Business Wire, 2012). Furthermore, there are short original clips on Youtube, which should attract customers.

Moasis’ main communications objective is to ensure the client to always be in touch with their work and their target audiences. The client should be more effective with their marketing, as the founders feel that there is too much avoidable and ineffective marketing campaigns out there (NEU Magazine, 2012). As shown before, the main target audiences for Moasis are small businesses, agencies, and marketers, who want to be able to connect with their customers fast and efficiently.

The promotion had to evolve with the repercussions of the Internet on society: a more numerical communication world and a global space and time instantaneity novelty. Communication tools have appeared: such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Email, and Vimeo (Moasis, 2012). New technologies also appear such as I-phones, smartphones, or I-pad. Moasis helps businesses realize synergies between their traditional marketing and social media presence. They enable their customers to integrate their advertisements into various platforms that can be accessed by smartphones or tablets and therefore become part of the social media experience.

Risk or Barriers for Adoption

As Moasis is an emerging communications tool, which targets businesses, it will take some time for businesses to ‘trust’ such an idea. Some businesses will already have a marketing group assigned in their company and therefore do not want to start to work out of their comfort zone by trying something new such as Moasis. New businesses, who are not sure where to target, would be scared to adapt to a focused process as that offered by Moasis. Furthermore, a lot of emerging tools on the Internet have started by being for free at the beginning. Although there is no registration fee for Moasis, the client still has to pay for advertisements that have been viewed. However, Moasis lets the client choose beforehand what their preferred budget is and therefore gives the company the possibility to decide on its own what it is willing to pay. Moreover, if the advertisement is not viewed clients do not have to pay for it (Moasis – How it works, 2012). Another risk for adopting Moasis is that if the company decides to do all their marketing on this platform and it collapses, the company will have a problem. All their advertisements could not be viewed on that moment and changes could not be made. Furthermore, if the management of the company decided to have discounts or coupons on a specific time of day or when it is a specific temperature, but does not communicate this frequently with their employees, customer relationship would weaken as misunderstandings could occur faster. Additionally, companies should have a good understanding where and who they want to target otherwise it would not make a lot of sense to use Moasis as a advertising and marketing tool.

How Moasis Works

In order to present an example of how Moasis works, consider the fictional company FunkyHotCoffee. FunkyHotCoffee has just been founded and is a small business, wanting to target audiences more effectively. FunkyHotCoffee has a product, which targets young adults between the age of 18 and 25, living near to the mountains. The company wants to increase their sales when it is less than three degrees Celsius, by introducing a discount. FunkyHotCoffee chooses to use Moasis for their marketing campaign, which they have already designed, including their discount. Thus, they choose grid spots that are at the mountains, in order for their advertisements to be available in these areas. They set their target audiences between 18 and 25 and want that their discounts be viewed every time during the day when the temperature decreases to less than three degrees Celsius. After their advertisement was launched they also want to see how their cost-to-benefit ratio for this advertisement was, deciding that they don’t want to spend more than $2000 on the campaign. So they have decided to use Moasis. After uploading their advertisement, specifying the target group, and setting the budget to $2000, the campaign was launched. Now young people between the age of 18 and 25, who are spending time near the mountains, are receiving FunkyHotCoffee’s advertisement when using diverse mobile applications. Every time the weather is really cold, the advertisement includes a 5% coupon that can be used in any FunkyHotCoffee store. FunkyHotCoffee was able to track the progress of their campaign, reaching just their target customers and keeping track upon the great impact of the advertisements on their company wide sales figures.


Thus, making an integrated marketing communications plan is made more effective and efficient by the services that Moasis Global is providing on its platform. The whole process of not only launching the campaign, but also analyzing its effectiveness traditionally had to be handled separately but is now provided by an external Internet platform that is fusing all steps together. Moasis accomplishes that media clustering is reduced and that small businesses are able to compete with social media platforms by reducing the gap between businesses and customers. Moasis can be used not only in the awareness phase when non-customers receive campaigns, but also, when used like in the fictitious example, for the actual purchase phase, which will hopefully lead to a liking affect. Although, the initial risk of companies being scared to try something new, we believe that Moasis will eventually be a success as this is what many small businesses have waited for.


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