Trivia about Bay Trees and Olive Trees

Trees are just one of God's greatest creation that he set in nature. It provides several advantages to another living things also to the ecosystem also. Trees help in preventing soil erosion. Also, they function as an all-natural habitat to the other creatures particularly in the dense and thick forest were several species, be it endemic, endangered or undiscovered, live. Trees are excellent sources of most of the products which are frequently used on an everyday basis. It is vital too for the living beings as they give off oxygen which we breathe in. The shadiness they supply helps to cool down the warm temperature existing in the atmosphere. There are other importance things that trees can supply. Aside from the facts that science presents about them, there are additional trivia about certain type of trees. Let us consider two trees as an example. You can find many trivia about bay trees and olive topiary balls trees have different trivia that goes for as long as thousands of years ago.

The first component lists the various trivia regarding the olive. Here are five of them:

1. The olive is linked to Athena, the Greek goddess of beauty and wisdom. This tree like Athena also possess the symbolism of wisdom. It is believed too that this tree is a special present from the deities which are living beyond the reach of humans for those people who have been obedient with their wishes.

2. The Greek goddess of peace named Irena is presented with an olive branch clasp in her hand. The olive branches have grown to be an essential part in the wars that happened centuries past. Messengers carrying an olive branch gives the signal they come in peace to the nation who might consider them as infiltrators. In this way, moot bloodsheds were prevented and communications were opened to the foreign nation.

3. In the Bible, Noah prepared an ark for the 40 days and 40 nights of flooding. To make sure that the land is completely safe to allow them to embark, he sent a dove to look for a dry land. The dove returned using a leaf in its beak that came from an olive tree. Only after then did he released the creatures he'd taken care of in the ark.

4. The olive is a sign of power and long life. Olive, actually, can live for more than 2000 years. In addition, it's lasting and immune. This will not simply give to the natural disasters.

5. People who possessed this trees consider it as a good source of income because of the assorted products they can extract from it. Among the essential product it offer is the olive oil that has different uses and purposes.

The last part presents the different trivia regarding the bay plant. Here are five of them:

1.) Its leaves may either be called as laurel leaf or bay leaf. The bay leaf is an English term which has the etymology that came from the classic language of Latin. It came from the word bacca that means berry which points out to the black berries it have.

2.) The leaf of a bay tree is related to glory. Some sculptures and paintings depicting Greek and Roman characters highlight the glorious years of culture and custom of the civilisation. Some individuals depicted to these are wearing laurel or bay leaf around their heads are those that are in the upper bracket of their socioeconomic hierarchy. A wreath of these leaves is awarded to the victor of the Pythian Games in the Greek society.

3.) The leaves of this tree is a source to produce those well-loved spices and herbs which are essential components in different recipes. It is also used to prepare food to possess the kind of flavour that the tastebud can certainly recognize.

4.) In the Greek mythology, it had been said that the first bay or laurel tree that first appeared was because of the determination of the Greek god of poetry, Apollo to the nymph named Daphne. He took care of that tree since he cannot take her for his wife.

5.) The oil that can be expressed in the bay tree has medicinal values. It may be used to lessen arthritis, rheumatism, hypertension as well as for rashes due to poison ivy. Additionally, in addition, it includes a chemical compound that fights off cancer-causing skin cells.

Next time you will see these kind of wire topiary forms trees, you've now additional knowledge about them.

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