week 26 + 27

adventures of baby bock

Yes, I know. I am very delayed in this update but time is just flying by! Did you know we officially are in a double digit countdown!? We hit 100 days today which is just blowing our minds. And making things even more fun, that means less then 100 days until Christmas for all you Christmas lovers like me! There is just too much excitement to handle! (insert giddy giggle here).

Baby B is growing perfectly and is right on schedule. She is moving like crazy all the time and is providing a new pain each day, which is totally worth it. She passed the cauliflower stage, iceberg lettuce stage and is now onto a rutabaga! What the heck is a rutabaga? Another big milestone in week 27 is it is considered the week when the baby can survive outside of her mama if delivered prematurely. Of course, that won't happen to us BUT it is kind of reassuring to know we have reached a big milestone.

We finally have some bump photos to share! I mentioned in our last post that a very talented (and crafty) friend would be taking some maternity shots over Labor Day weekend. She has shared a sneak peak of a few that you can check out. I was honestly kind of dreading having my photo taken so much when I feel slightly enormous and just not myself. But as always, she did an amazing job and we are big fans! Love you, Allison! And who knows...when she comes home at Christmas she may be able to get a few more MASSIVE bump pics in before Baby B makes her arrival. Let's just say those will all be side profile pics. :)