Reading  journel

Dear  Miss  sara

Im  reading  SECRET   OF   DROOM. My  book  is   abaut  tree   kids   that    find  a  nee  world  sow   they   go  in  wen  they  get  in  they  see  alot   of  things   but    wen   they   

walk   more   they  see  a costol  wen  they  get   inside   they    see    a  princes   and   alot

They see a lot of horses so the princess said them they want to do a castle for him. They get the materials and they do the castle and then the princess it was happy but it were a bad that want to kill the princess so the three kids get a potion to kill the bad guy

but  the  bad  guy    have  another   potion.   My  prediction   is   if   the  bad    guy

well  win.

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