Website Wednesday

April 9, 2012

Newsela - a great resource for non-fiction articles where you select the Lexile reading level. Articles can be printed out and many are accompanied by quizzes. At least three new articles are posted daily, so there is quite a bit of variety spanning all subjects. A free account with no login is limited to viewing 5 articles, however, accounts are free. You can simply create a teacher account or you can go as far as having students create accounts and enrolling in your Newsela class.

While we are not fully prepared to implement wide-spread online assessments, this blog post by Anna Otto shares some excellent tips for being prepared for the evolution to that model. We aren't always given the insight as to what will be required of students, so I found this blog extremely helpful! (as well as some of her other posts!)

We have had a large number of requests for typing tools, especially on the iPad. This website (TypingWeb) works on computers and iPads and is a free tool. The only issue you will run into on the iPad is when keys are not on the main iPad keyboard that are on a standard keyboard (; < > / and other keys in different locations).

On the iPad, you may want to check out apps such as TapTyping Free or Word Drop but neither of those address introductory keyboarding concepts like Typing Web does.

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