Used to

I used to play soccer

I used to go to the zoo

I used to sleep a lot

Getting used to

I'm getting used to eat healthy

I'm getting used to do my homework at time

I'm getting used to be more friendly


I would live there if I had money

I would help you if I could

I couldn't be there with you, sorry

I could have done that if I have had time

You should go to the doctor

You should sleep early

I might do your homework if you want

I might help you if agree

I must study for my exam

I must arrive early to my class

Simple Fact

We used to go to school together

We used to sit next to each other


I remember Dave. He never tipped at restaurant.

He's always losing things or forgetting where he's put things

Someone's Typical Behavior

My girlfriend is insanely jealous

Marc is just the coolest guy I know

Modals with certain or possible

She must be very rich

He can't have that job

Used to + Infinitive

He used to live in a large house

We didn't use to do anything interesting?

Where did you use to go?

Have + Past Participle

I have done my homework

I have drunk a coffee

Making your point

Firstly I would like to talk about the problem.

Finally I'd like to give my conclusion

Basically I think we must give our help

Another thing is that you must think better your questions

As far as I'm concerned, people should be allowed to eat what they want

I suppose the problem is we don't know what's in these burgers and pizzas

Anyway, as I was saying, this is about individual freedom


Can you give me a hand?

We had a heart-to-heart talk, and things are much clearer now

She has been pulling your leg all the time

My daughter has a very good head for business

Synonims of: Concerned, Loathed, Buddies

Concerned Synonims: Worried, Interested

Loathed Synonims: Detest, Hate

Buddies Synonims: Partners, Friends

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