The Patriots Purposely Deflated the Ball

The Summaries

1.  Researches discovered that the employees of the Patriots exchanged texts about Tom Brady and the deflating balls.  Researches say it is very probable that the staff did deflate the footballs.  The staff spent 100 seconds after the referees said the footballs were ok.  They appeared to be "too soft".  It turns out that the balls were deflated way before people noticed, and Tom Brady knew of these actions.


Jason Hanna made this article.  He works for CNN.  His view seems to be agreeing that the ball was purposely deflated.  This article was publish on May 6th, 2015.  Because of the publish date, the meaning of the source is very significant, and correct.  To all that don't know much about this story, it is about how professionals found deflated footballs after a Patriots game.  This helps give you an understand on why this article even has a point.  This blog is directed toward people that enjoy football.  This article was created to prove a point that the deflation was true.  The main idea was to say how the Patriots did deflate the ball, and Tom Brady knew of this act.  This source is important because everyone watches CNN.  People believe CNN more than any other new source.  CNN basically brainwashes people to only have the perspective CNN shows.  I can infer that whatever comes from CNN will be believed by mostly everyone.

The next article is written by John Branch.  He seems to be n favor of Tom Brady being innocent, by showing off more positive stuff than other articles.  This article was also published on May 6th 2015, thus stating that this article is accurate.  The great deflate gate was caused by professionals finding deflated balls from the Patriots.  This is from people that love football.  It was made to tell people how the Patriots purposely deflated the balls.  The main idea to to persuade us that the Patriots are the culprit.  This source is significant because the New York times is famous, and a lot of people get news from it.

The last article is written by Erin McClam.  He agrees with the Patriots purposely deflating the balls.  This was also publish May 6th 2015.  I already explained the great deflate gate the last two times, I'm already trying not to be so repetitive here.  This article(no surprisingly) targets football lovers.  It also tells how the balls were deflated purposely.  This source is also significant because NBC news is watched by many people, its website is also looked at many times daily.  Video proof is shown here, here, and here.

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